Ceramic sculpture and hand-built tableware made in Montreal



I create hand-built tableware and small sculptural boxes that are made to fit comfortably in the home. My grandmother was a potter and I realized as a child that by using her pottery I could have a daily conversation and connection with her even if she wasn't with me physically. The idea that objects made are not only useful in a kitchen but hold emotion and memory are what inspires the work that I make. Many of the patterns that I use are from stamps she made that I inherited from her.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland, OR and was an Artist in Residence at the Mendocino Art Center in California. For several years I taught ceramics for the City of Tucson in Arizona.

Canada has become my new home since 2016, after moving through cities in California, Oregon and Arizona. I am an American raising my family in Montreal. And yes it is cold up here.

I can be reached at villarrealceramics@gmail.com

If you live in Montreal you can always come by the studio and pick up your order.