welcome! New mugs and trinket dishes coming in April!  I ship 1-3 days of purchase from Quebec, Canada. You can always pick up your order at my studio.

Snake in hand

Snake in hand

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Looks similar to the image in post with slight variations of color on the snake. Tiny smudge of pink on the dish and a few little specks of color that to me, make me want to put this little dish on sale!

A tiny snake sits in a delicate hand. These small trinket/jewelry trays will make a sweet decoration for your dresser or shelf. Each one is handbuilt in porcelain clay and decorated with underglaze ceramic colors and hints of gold luster.

sizes vary but are around 5" x 3.5"

I made these to help express a range of emotions when life brought me huge changes in both moving to a new country but also being a mother and being an artist. I made these to push myself to imagine beauty, strength, patience and light into my life. I hope you see them as charms or manifestations too.  

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